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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Issues with registration alignment adjustment Xerox C70

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Joe Arseneau
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Issues with registration alignment adjustment Xerox C70

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Good day dear Xerox,


I would like to address my message to your developer team. I've found a bug in the "registration alignment adjustment" feature and I am asking you to escalate the message to your bugfix team.


I've already contacted with a Xerox's representative in Ukraine having described the issue. Nevertheless I would like to make my reqeust personally to your team here in English since I'm the only one who wants to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


My problem relates to a type of paper I select or the thickest type to be exact.


For example, we can obviously print a document on 250gsm paper in duplex mode. The same happens when we align one side with another supposing we do registration alignment adjustment. 


I put SRA3 250gsm sheet into TRAY5, select the type of paper which is HW3 or Coated 2 and everything works perfectly (only on this two types). It doesn't matter what type of aligntment (manual or automatic) I selected to.


However when I do the same but instead of putting 250gsm I place 300gsm things go wrong. As expected I could manually print just one side and align image (marks) on it since C70 doesn't support 300gsm in duplex. I would then print the other side and do the same though it doesn't give me the type of paper I selected when I placed SRA3 300gsm sheet to TRAY5.


I know it is not clear what I mean.... I hope the video I provide will clear things up.


There are two screenshot I've taken from the video:


I would like to point out that in the video the sample is printed using OHCF (Tray 6). However if you do the same wihout OHCF, just using tray 5 it will not work. The tray5 doesn't know that SRA3 sheet has been placed. It allows to print A4 and A3 formant sizes only. It's impossible to print a sample on SRA3 300gsm (Coated 3 or HW4).

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