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Re: Job Settings - Revert to Defaults

Hi Wallace

This may be an issue associated with the applications, versus the drivers.


You have the printer defaults set to say B&W, 2-sided on the server or client.


You open a Word document and select print, printer properties and change the settings to Color and 1-sided.


You then print the job.


You then open another Word document, without closing the first Word document.


You select File, Print and the document prints in color.


This happens because the application saves the last setting for the printer, which you used.


If you were to close the first Word document and then open the next Word document, the driver settings would default back.


driver default settings from above example.



First Word document, with setting changed to Color, 1-sided.



You then open another document, leaving the first document open.



If you were to close the first document and then open the second document, the driver would revert back to B&W, 2-sided.


Does this describe the issue you are having?







Skip Benson
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Job Settings - Revert to Defaults

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Hi, I wonder if someone can help me.


Is it possible for Xerox printers to revert to their default settings after an individual print job? For example, our printers are set to print in black and white by default and this works fine, all well and good. On occasion though, someone will need to print in colour. I am able to get the user printing in colour, but I don't want them to be able to continuously print in colour, so once I change a user's settings to print in colour, I want it to go back to black & white after.


Its a long shot I'm sure, but is this possible at all?





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