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Re: Landscape print option overridden

This probably does have something to do with the preset settings. I have 2 suggestions to try.


1. If security isn't the main concern and using secure print is more of a resource saving measure than you can enable 'Hold All Jobs' in the AltaLink Embedded Web Server. Doing that all jobs that people print will be held at the device in queue's with their PC username for release when they want them to print.

2. If security is a concern than we want to use secure print but I suggest that you enable 'Secure Print Only' in the Administration tab of Printer Properties on the print server. Then all jobs that users print will only be able to use the Secure Print job type and you can leave the print driver at default settings. If users don't always print with secure print than setup a 2nd print queue with a different name for deployment that does not have 'Secure Print Only' enabled.

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Community Manager

Re: Landscape print option overridden

Hello Beenman,  


I see no one has responded to this post yet. So, at this point I would recommend contacting your local Xerox Support Department to speak with a Product Specialist for more assistance.

Please call 1-800-821-2797 or 1-800-835-6100.

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Landscape print option overridden

Product Name: Xerox Global Print Driver
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi All,

I deployed an AltaLink B8155 copier with the Xerox Global Print Driver for the print queue last week.  For this department they wanted Secure Print setup by default, so I created a Preset for it and set that Preset as the Default for the queue on the print server.  On Friday, the manager of the department notified me that they were having trouble printing in Landscape, although it was selected in the application they were printing from it still printed the output in Portrait.

The only think I could think of is that for some reason the "Preset" which is set for Portrait is somehow overriding the leading applications print options.  Is that possible?

Driver Version: Xerox Global Print Driver (PCL6) / Type 3 - User Mode / Version: 5759.500.0.0

B8155 Firmware:

Any thoughts are welcome, thanks.

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