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Re: Light gray printing on and off for 3 weeks.

i have 20 xerox devices, bigger and smaller machines.  These are the only ones currently with this issue.

The Xerox tech is coming out again today.  Telling my users to remove the toner every time this happens doesn't seem like a real solution.  The machines just began doing this recently.




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Re: Light gray printing on and off for 3 weeks.

If this is happening to all of the devices in the environment, my money would be placed on environmental factors but I would not rule out the possibility of a device issue, 

Many years ago I had similar issues at an account and it turned out they turned the AC off at night and on the weekends. This caused a humidity issue in the building and caused the paper to curl and the toner to clump.The issues appeared intermittent on all of the devices. Shaking the toner resolved the issue in most situations but as the paper had so much moisture in it, they had to put in fresh reams of paper to ensure the best image quality. 




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Light gray printing on and off for 3 weeks.

Product Name: Phaser 4622
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 x64

We have 3 Xerox Phaser 4622 on our network.

Recently, they began to print light where it looks like the page is blank at first.

We changed the maintenance kit, fuser, and toner.  

We have noticed sometimes, when pulling out the toner; the machine begins a image adjustment job.

Once completed, the printer starts to print normally.   

We think the issue has been solved, but it comes back after some day.

We had the Xerox text out once.  He said shaking the toner should work.

Again the issue returns ramdomly on different machines.

I wonder if we are the only ones having this issue with Xerox printers


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