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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Looking for Solution for Complex Mass Printing

Have you tried LPD on port 515?


It has much more memory and therefore rips vastly faster.


Beyond that or with that, you can either increase print priority, or set it to FIFO and see which works best.

Machine Status > Tools > Device Settings > Output




Contention Management










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Joe Arseneau
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Looking for Solution for Complex Mass Printing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



Printer : Xerox 7845


(Our local Xerox Sales office is not able to help us with that problem)


Our need :  

- Print multiple documents (about 1000 documents of 3-10 pages / days) 

- Each document contains multiple page. Some pages are special pages (special paper that has to be taken from different trays)

- Print from a linux server, and via a software (=> via a command line)

- With staple finishings


How we proceed at the moment 

- We send PJL + PCL data via a socket to port 9100


The problem :

- This is very slow. We wait about 10 to 15sec between each documents. (And printer make pauses during printing a document, but I guess that's another problem)


The cause seems to be that there is no job queue when we send data to port 9100.


We are looking for solutions :

- Is it possible to manage jobs / job queues correctly by using directly 9100 ?

- Is it possible to answer our needs with a driver or something ?

- Other solution ?


We tried everything we could....


If you need more information, feel free to ask.


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