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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Looking for a printer to print on paper, cardstock, varied weights and textures. Recommendations


I will recommend for you the Xerox Versant 180 digital press which is the best in class for your needed.

Also take a look for Xerox PrimeLink C9065/C9070.

Of course, if you look for a cheaper one, VersaLink C8000/C9000 can be an option, but you will don't have many of the Versant and PrimeLink options (finishing, paper handling...).



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Looking for a printer to print on paper, cardstock, varied weights and textures. Recommendations?

Product Name: CentreWare for HP OpenView
Operating System: Android

Hi there,

I'm starting up a small business where I hope to sell prints I've designed, amongst other things. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade so have worked a lot with print companies, and they have always suited my needs as the print cost goes to the client. However, for my print business it is proving too expensive to get started up with all of the designs I'd like to include in my collection (quite a lot, and more coming by the day!). So I'd love to be able to print to order, instead of having to order a larger amount to try and get the most of my money and having lots left over of designs that may prove to be less popular.

My prints are fairly simple, a lot of block colour that needs to remain consistent and not blotchy.

So at the moment I'm printing on 300gsm textured card, which I love and would like to be able to continue doing. But I would also like to have the option of printing flyers etc for the business too, which would likely be on recycled cardstock, maybe 140 - 160 gsm.

There will obviously be more variants, but these are the main 2. Could anyone recommend a precise and high quality printer that I could rely on to do the job for me? Appreciate that it will cost a fair chunk, but looking at a good place to start?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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