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Re: MS Office 2016 crashes on Mac when printing

Thanks for supplying this information.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

MS Office 2016 crashes on Mac when printing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Android

Multiple online forums reporting this issue with all print vendor’s,  since none of the online sites reporting this issue have a fix attached from Microsoft or Apple, here is one that will resolve it, the only change would be PPD/Driver locations.


Impacted Operating Systems;

-          OSX 10.11 and OSX 10.12

Impacted applications;

-          Microsoft Office 2016 Applications

Description of Issue;

-          Microsoft Office 2016 application will crash when attempting to print from OSX 10.11 and OSX 10.12.


-          Remove all Xerox print driver software from OSX 10.12 by following the below steps;

o   Close any open printer queues in the Dock

o   Close all open applications

o   Print & Fax - remove Xerox printer objects (using the "-" button under the list of printers)

o   Applications folder - remove Xerox folder (if present)

o   Library/Applications Support - remove Xerox folder

o   Library/ColorSync/Profiles - remove XRX* or other Xerox files if present

o   Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources - remove Xerox printer packages

o   Library/Printers - remove Xerox folder

o   Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources - delete Xerox folders and files. Older OS's have multiple language subfolders, each of which may contain Xerox PPDs. If this is the case, the easiest thing to do is search the entire set of folders for the Xerox files, and delete en masse.

o   Library/Receipts - remove any of the following: pde***.pkg, xpd***.pkg, ICC*, ICP*, ICC_Profiles, SSScan/Xerox (folder)

o   Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/ - remove all* files

o   Note: If your library folder is hidden, type this in a TERMINAL window (located in Utilities folder): > Chflags nohidden Library <enter>

o   Also in Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/ - look for any files and delete them

o   Users/[username]/Library/Caches/ - remove all XRXSetup* files (if present)

o   Also in TERMINAL:

                > cd /var/db/receipts/ <enter>

                > ls <enter> - look to see if there are any* files. If so, delete with:

                > sudo rm* <enter> (will prompt for admin password)

- Empty the MAC’s trash. If any files are being held, reboot and empty again.

-          Perform Microsoft Office 2016 automatic updates. This will update all Office applications to version 15.27.0. This step must be done before performing Apple updates, as there are corresponding Apple updates to the Office updates. To update Office 2016 within OSX 10.12, do the following;


o   Open up any Office 2016 application, in this case open MS Word 2016.

o   On the Apple file menu, click help, and then click “check for updates”.

o   Perform all of the Office updates.

-          Perform any outstanding Apple updates for OSX 10.12.


-          Reboot the Apple PC.


Install the latest driver for the affected printer/printers

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Joe Arseneau
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