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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Mac Client 2.7.0 for WorkCentre 7665 missing options

Hello jcadmin1090,


Here is a link to the WorkCentre 7665 Knowledge Base where you can look up the information that you need.  I searched for "Accounting Mac" and clicked on the first search result.  This explained how to setup a code on a Mac to use when you want to print in B&W.  There is a link in the Knowledge Base that will take you to the Documentation such as the User Guide and the System Administrator Guide.  These may also be very helpful to you in finding out how to setup your Mac computers to run with your WorkCentre 7665.

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Mac Client 2.7.0 for WorkCentre 7665 missing options

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We use accounting for our office WorkCentre 7665 printers. On a Windows workstation, I find that at Configuration tab, Accounting.


We also set to default to black and white. General tab, Print Preferences, Output color.


I'm setting up a Mac workstation running MacOS 10.6.2. I downloaded and installed the Mac driver for WorkCentre 7665, version 2.7.0. Connecting via IP.


Where do I get to these and other options on the Mac? All I see is an Options & Supplies button that is pretty useless to me.

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