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Microsoft Office Pop-up when printing to Xerox 7970 after Windows Update

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Operating System: Windows 10 x64


After updating Windows 10 64bit Pro to version 1903 build 18362.267 this morning (I've had prior builds of 1903 for a while now), several people in my office including myself are now getting a pop-up window from Microsoft that is looking for you to sign in or create an account. I've attached a screenshot. I found a related post on Microsoft's forum from clear back in May, but the Microsoft agent suggested they come here for a solution as it seems to be specifically tied to Xerox machines.

The Windows update installed "Office" as an additional app beyond the full suite that we all have, and it is clearly related as the icon on the taskbar for the pop-up matches the app. I have uninstalled it multiple times, with reboots, and it stays uninstalled until the moment I try to print to the 7970, at which point it quickly auto-reinstalls itself, and then pops that window open again. The pop-up occurs about the same time as the Xerox pop-up for entering an accounting code.

I have tried printing to a Xerox 3325 that I also have here, and that does not trigger the Office pop-up.

The Xerox driver I'm using for the 7970 is the Xerox WorkCenter 7970 PS.

I am hoping for a method to stop the Office pop-up, and am aware that it seems odd to ask this here, but it does seem to be somehow tied to the Xerox, as I have had the same thing happen while printing a PDF in Adobe.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Office Pop-up.PNG


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Technical Escalation User

Re: Microsoft Office Pop-up when printing to Xerox 7970 after Windows Update

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First I've heard of this. 

Is the driver in use actually the PS driver or is the printer name "7970 PS". 

control pannel->devices and printers->

R click the 7970 printer

Printer properties


Driver in use


I would try reinstalling the 7970 driver. It will try to download PCL,PS,XPS. Uncheck the XPS as it requires a license and the format might be associated with Microsoft Office to handle. 

Try dling the V4 driver for Windows 10

Then if that still gives a prompt, try downloading the V3 driver(Windows 7 but should work fine in Windows 10)


Also make sure under settings -> Printers and Scanners "Let Windows manage my default printer" is unchecked

Re: Microsoft Office Pop-up when printing to Xerox 7970 after Windows Update

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Hello again! I apologize for having lost track of this post after having luck in the Microsoft forums.

We are definitely not alone in having this problem, but I think many users don't report it because the pop-up is for Office and they just kind of accept anything from Microsoft as being ok. I personally have seen this on dozens of computers, and have spoken with others that have seen it as well.

The affected systems that I have seen were all using the Xerox WorkCenter 7970 PS (type 3) driver.

Solution: Switch to using Xerox Global Print Driver PS (type 3) driver. I have had it reported that the PCL6 also works.

The global driver does not trigger the Office pop-up and includes the ability to secure print, which really is the main thing we care about.

Good luck to anyone else having this issue!



Re: Microsoft Office Pop-up when printing to Xerox 7970 after Windows Update

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I am having same problem now on our machines since update.  Microsoft has been hammering this office app and website.  It's crazy, now when we print pdf's it opens website.  I'm not changing drivers that I have been using for 5 years, hate global driver. Anyone find real solution to this?

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Re: Microsoft Office Pop-up when printing to Xerox 7970 after Windows Update

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Unfortunately, we ARE seeing this popup with the PCL 6 Global Print Driver

The driver is hosted on a print server, and pushed out via group policy. We instantiate it with the generically named driver entry (the one that does not include the version number in the name) because that way we can just replace the driver in place on the print server and all the workstations get the latest driver on the next group policy refresh.

We are only seeing the popup when you try to use the print to fax feature. Regular print jobs do not do it.

It happens when we print to fax on our AltaLink C8055, as well as on our VersaLink B405

This is an OEM installed version of windows 10 running on HP Z2 G4 workstations bought in 2019.

The build of Windows we are running is:

Windows 10 Pro

Version 1909

OS Build 18363.1016

Xerox Global Print Driver version:

Xerox AltaLink C8055 PCL 6
Driver version 5.733.11.0N 2020.05.27

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