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Re: Missing printing options

Setting Up A Raw Printer in Ubuntu Linux

This tutorial is for raw printers only.


These steps will allow a USB, Network, Serial or Parallel attached printer to receive raw commands through Java on Ubuntu Linux.

  1. Open System Settings > Printers


  2. Click +Add

  3. Set up the printer/port settings:

    For USB Printer:

    Devices: Enter URI

    Enter Device URI: usb://Zebra/LP2844 (example)

    Get this port by issuing the command lpinfo -v |grep usb:

    Note: You don't need the "? location=1a200000" information.

    For Network Printer:

    Devices: AppSocket/HP JetDirect

    Host: (example)

    Port: 9100

    The Host IP address may be configured to use a different address, which is outside of the scope of this tutorial. If AppSocket is not listed, close and relaunch the Wizard and it should appear.

    For Serial Printer

    Devices: Enter URI

    Enter Device URI: serial:/dev/ttyS0 (or serial:/dev/ttyUSB0, etc)

    For USB serial, issue the command dmesg |grep tty

    Insufficient permissions fix: This command grants the logged in user write permission to all serial ports:

    sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER;

    Note: 12.04 users may also need to remove [ModeManager] ( due to a specific bug, ttylUSB devices don't seem writable by CUPS, so try printToFile('/dev/ttyUSB0'); instead.

  4. Click Forward

  5. Driver: Select printer from Database > Generic > Forward

  6. Models: Raw Queue

    Drivers: Generic Raw Queue > Forward


    Note: Some print drivers, such as Zebra ZDesigner or CUPS Zebra driver have dual-mode drivers capable of accepting Raw commands as well as PostScript commands. If Raw printing works with the vendor supplied driver, chose that over the Generic/Raw driver.

  7. Printer Name: (ie: zebra)

    Description: Raw Zebra Printer

    Location: Ubuntu PC

You may now print to your printer.

Note: If you receive a message "Printer 'zebra' not found", completely close and restart your web browser so that Java can see the newly added printer.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Missing printing options

Hello Escman,

There are no Catalina or Mojave drivers for Phaser 6180 MFP. You can still add the printer on macOS using the built-in “Generic Postscript PPD”.

    • If Xerox driver features are really needed, you could try an unsupported work-around in which you install the Xerox macOS Common Print Driver from a closely related product, which is supported on Catalina.  Note that there may be incompatibilities that could cause not all feature/function to work properly

Where you have already spoken with Support, I would recommend contacting them again regarding the solution they suggested to you. The support options for your device are listed here.


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New Member

Missing printing options

Product Name: Phaser 6180MFP
Operating System: macOS 10.14 - Mojave

I have a Phazer 6180MFP that has and still serves us well over the years which we use it as a network printer/scanner. That is until recently when I installed Apple Catalina operating system. Once installed I was unable to print at all with an error message, something about a filter... I contacted Xerox, inquiring about a new driver. The Xerox tech said that they had nothing available at the time and suggested that I contact Apple to restore my operating system to the previous version, Mojave. I was able to do that via the local Apple store Genius Bar. Now I can print, which is great but I cannot print double sided as the option is greyed out and obviously not available. Anyone else experience the same issue and how did you resolve it?

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