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Moving from a WC 7845 to Altalink 8070 -

We currently use USB card readers on our W/C 7845 devices for secure printing.  Will these same card readers work on our new Altalink 8070 machines?  If so, what do I need to configure in order to get them to authenticate users?  I have connected the usb card reader, and added the device to Secure Access Manager on our Print server.  When I swipe a working card...nothing happens.  The light just stays red.  I have matched all of the settings from the 7845 machine on the new machine as they show under properties>login methods 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Moving from a WC 7845 to Altalink 8070 -

Depends on the card readers and on the firmware of the printer and the Secure Access version.


As for whatever printer in the Altalink family.


EWS > Properties > Login/Permissions/Accounting > Login Methods > Edit > Xerox Secure Access > Save



If you then go into Xerox Secure Access Setup you will note that it can be done manually (not suggested) or by initiating from the Secure Access server (That is my suggestion)


When initialized from the SA server it should show an error to work with (SA needs to be at leasrt version 5 for AltaLink.


What cards and what card reader are we talking about here?



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