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Re: Multiple jobs sequencing

Dear CherylIO

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

I am not sure if i have been able to explain my problem actually.

its not a problem with autoPaper. I will try your option but my main problem is this 

say I have the following Printing Jobs send to my printer

Job.1 - this has 1 document of 10000 pages - printing from Tray 1

Job.2 - this has 1 document of 2 pages - printing from Tray 2

Job.3 - this has 1 document of 2300 pages - printing from Tray 1

now while at the time I have submitted all these jobs, my software has submitted alll these jobs to the printer and I think that should be all.

imagine a case when pages from Tray1 goes empty. when that happens - I only want Xerox printer to stop. it should not start executing Job.2

what Xerox printer does is that it starts to execute Job2 and then as and when the operator puts pages in Tray1 then it starts to print where it left 

this completely screws up my numbering and bills are dispatched wrongly and people complain as they get different bills.


what I want to tell to my printer is 



Thanks a lot for your help on this matter. much appreciate your help.





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Re: Multiple jobs sequencing

Hi Anujjain, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Try turning off the Auto Paper on all your paper trays that way if you run out of paper it will stop and request the resources/paper.  If that does not work please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Multiple jobs sequencing

Product Name: PrimeLink B9100/B9110/B9125/B9136
Operating System: Windows 7

This is Anuj
I am into a deep problem and will really appreciate if someone can help me please.

I have a printer
Xerox PrimeLink B9100

My client has his own software that prints appx 20000 pages on my printer.
Now all these are submitted in multiple jobs

The reason for multiple jobs is because some pages are printed using Tray1, some pages are printed using Tray2, some pages are printed using Tray3.

So what he has done is that he has a software which decides which pages are to be printed on Tray1, which pages on Tray2 and like that

Then he creates these jobs and fire to the printer using some software which he has written on his own.

Now what he wants is that all these jobs should and should only print in sequence.

They do.
However challenge is that let's say pages on Tray1 become 0 and Tray1 gets into a problem our printer which is PrimeLink Xerox B9100 does not stops.

It starts to actually print from job2.
It just doesn't stops.

I want this to not follow this.
Only when my first job is executed properly then only my second job should even start.
Is there any way I can tell to my printer that pleaee don't start job2 until and unless u are done with job1 ?

Is this possible.
If yes how ???

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