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NEED 8550 drivers for Yosemite (10.10.1) !!!

I'm producing several booklets to be printed on the Xerox 8550. The printer is at another location.


We set up a brand new MacPro and of course, it's running 10.10.1. So I downloaded the 10.9 8550 installer, but ...


The installer apparently MUST find the 8550 on our local network or it won't install the driver. This wasn't a problem with earlier OS X versions. We were able to install the 8550 drivers without having the printer physically present. But today, with deadlines looming, I'm at a dead stop.


Any ideas?


Thanks for any help.

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Re: NEED 8550 drivers for Yosemite (10.10.1) !!!

Best bet is to run the installer, when it starts searching click on the icon to manually enter an IP address, use any valid IP address on the LAN and it will connect, and fail to identify it, at that point it will prompt for you to choose a device from a dropdown list. Enter the 8550 and run it. Then delete the printer and add it manually with the IP it will be using when you go on site, or if you are just using to create output files, set it up as a local device. Or just share the driver from one of the other Macs, Or grab the ppd files from the bottom of the Windows downloads and install it manually using CUPS in 10.10. You will need to enable cups but the web browser even tells you the command to run.


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Joe Arseneau
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