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Re: Need driver or solution for Windows 10

The 64bit windows 7 driver will work great in windows 10 and 11. The windows 7 drivers use the microsoft V3 print subsystem, which windows 10 and 11 still support. Windows 10 and 11 was designed to use V4 drivers that limit the user interface graphics etc, so they are more UNIVERSAL and "stable" my personal experience ov vertion 4 print drivers, of ALL vendors is that Microsoft have lost there mind in regards to printing. Not to mention every other monthly MS patch seems to fundamentally BREAK the windows printing / print sharing system!

long live V3 windows print drivers say I 

this is the download link. Also check out the driver notes. Lots of good info.

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Need driver or solution for Windows 10

Product Name: Xerox 7142 Wide Format
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hey everyone, I have a Xerox 7142, and I really need help or a driver solution to use it on Windows 10. The official driver does not support Windows 10. Can anyone help with my issue?

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