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Never-ending Print Job

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Hi there!


I am having a problem with a WorkCentre 7556.  A user was attempting to print a 135-page pdf file.  Upon printing, the document shot out the first 42 sheets, then stopped printing, and went back and started printing pages 1-42 again.  This cycle continued.  We finally got the cycling job stopped, cleaned up her computer's printing preferences, restarted the copier, and reset its software.  We also reset the network software and also reset the copier with the ethernet cable unplugged.  Intermittently, this print job still pops up randomly in the Job Status menu and prints a couple sheets from the orginal pdf.  If I'm standing right next to the machine I can catch it and delete it before it actually prints.  It has been doing this for about three days and has wasted a lot of paper and ink.  Anyone ever seen this before???



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Re: Never-ending Print Job

I have seen this happen on other office level devices if the printer does not have enough memory to spool the job (large files).  Try breaking up the print job into segments (ie: 1-40, 41-80..), or reducing the file size. 

Re: Never-ending Print Job

Thanks for your reply.  :)

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