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Re: NeverTear (120 micron/160g/m^2) being to soft for handwriting with a ball point pen (off label u

Hi Paper Junky,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the Never Tear Paper site and try ordering samples of the paper to see if it will work for you.  You can also contact them using the form available on the site to ask questions and request more information about the paper. 

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NeverTear (120 micron/160g/m^2) being to soft for handwriting with a ball point pen (off label use)

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Up front, this is about the synthetic paper Premium NeverTear, but at this point it is not yet about printing. And, this might have to go to "General Information" section ...

I plan to use NeverTear for a reusable notebook. As I write with a (may I refer to other brands?) "Pilot Frixion Ball 0.5" pen on the sample paper I got, I can wipe away the ink with a damp cloth, and successfully with Isopropanol, (in case the ink is on for a week or a month). After the first tests everything is fine, it is lovely to write on.

The synthetic paper - I got a 10 sheet set: A4 / 120 micron / 160g/m^2 / white - seems to be very soft. Writing with that ball pen, even with low pressure, makes permanent marks in the paper, it presses even through. So after wiping, with light from the proper angle, the lines can be seen. That might be ok as other commercial-ready-to-use solutions do so too. But with moderate pressure the marks are visible through the other side.

Disclaimer: Yes, this is not what Premium NeverTear is designed for. I do not complain about the quality. There is no broken promise. It's just a hobby project.

Is there a thickness/weight of NeverTear, where I might not experience this effect even with low or moderate pressure?

NeverTear - it cannot be teared, but the synthetic paper always has permanent bents and marks.

As a private person, end-user, no commercial background, I was not able to get any samples of NeverTear. I can buy on (Germany) 100 sheet boxes which is overkill (price and what to do with the remaining 98 sheets?).

No copy shop/print shop in my area where I could walk in had Xerox Premium NeverTear, most even did not know about, or they referred to (brands?...) Synaps XM (where my samples with 230g/m^2 are thick enough, but cannot be cleaned with Isopropanol as it dissolves the coating).

Any thoughts about this? Again, "off-label-use" ;-)

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