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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: New VersaLink C500 prints the same document differently from previous printer

If you think the font is not rendering correct you could try loading the font on the machine:

Are you using the Model specific or a Xerox GPD?

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Re: New VersaLink C500 prints the same document differently from previous printer

From my experience, this is the differnce between a 600DPI Printer and a 1200DPI printer. In the past, I had to help customers understand that what was created for one generation printer does not print the same on a newer generation printer. I liken this to a moving from the standard TV format to HD and now to 4K and beyond. Many of the movies that were desinged for prior formats just don't look the same and the movies are washed out. 

You don't mention the application you are trying to print from. In many cases just using the updated driver from the applicaiton will reflow the settings, in others, you may need to choose a different font based on the DPI of the printer. 

If this is a PDF, it may need to be recreated with the new driver for it to work properly. 

Have you tried looking at the printer image settings and chaning from Normal to Enhanced? 





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New Member

New VersaLink C500 prints the same document differently from previous printer

Product Name: VersaLink C500 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

tl;dr: New Xerox VersaLink C500 prints the SAME document previously printed on a Samsung CLP-415NW, with a much lighter font.


I created a course and (sort of) make a living selling it. I print the 398 pages, hole punch them, put in binders, into boxes, ship and that's my day's work.

Recently, my aging Samsung CLP-415NW started going crappy on me. So I replaced it with a shiny new Xerox Versalink C500. I thought I was golden, but things got a bit more complicated than that.

The document

Nearly 400 pages, all COLOR text, printed on cream colored paper. A truly premium look. Well, I'm not exactly giving it away either, so it's worth it. I used to spend about $45 on ink, now with the Xerox it's more like $65 or $70. Anyway, on to the problem...

The problem

The problem is that the fonts look different. The main font is Bernhard Modern, printed in dark green, except with this printer the characters are much thinner. Maybe I should take a picture to show you? Anyway, the document has not changed. It's still set to use the same exact font it was before changing the printer, but the output from the previous printer looks semi-bold compared to the very lightweight output I am getting with the Xerox.

As such, the printouts of my course are now too light and make it look like a crappy printout when in fact it is positioned as a premium product.

Have any of you tech aficionados ever faced something like this? What can I do?

PS: I have updated the firmware to the latest version, and tried both the PCL and PS drivers. The PS particularly prints terrible quality.

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