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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: New printer Setup for 220.000 copies per/ month

C70 with Fiery would probably cost less (slower though) but be able to keep up and should have lower priced consumables.

It also allows Gloss level like the C75 does, unlike the Versant 80.  (Different toner is the reason)


It really comes down to specific needs though, the Versant is faster and handles heavier stock, the C70 is slower but will be more inline with the output of your 260 and C75 for color matching since the sameish toner tech is shared, so in the case of the Versant, a happy customer with the C75 output 2 months ago, might not be happy with the Versant Output tomorrow, or vice versa.


The difference, while not exact, would be like your current 250/260, very different color output .In my experience the 250 is much more robust and color accurate than its successor the 242/252/260, but the Gloss looks better through the 260 and it is faster.

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Joe Arseneau
New Member
New Member

New printer Setup for 220.000 copies per/ month

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Hey guys, so i own a small printing business here in Salvador, Brazil.

We print school modules for arround 4000 students.

Today i have basically 3 machines: Xerox DC250, DC252A and a Xerox C75.

We kind of divide that number by 3 so we don´t overload all the machines.

Still, my cost is too high so i'm thinking about getting a new machine, though about the new Xerox Variant 80 but the
consumables are even more expensive.

Based on your experience can i get another suggestion of a new machine or other printing types?

Thank you guys.

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