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Re: New problem with color coordination Update)



Have you tried printing the quality pages? Please have a look HERE and see if that helps.


Best Regards


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Re: New problem with color coordination Update)

Since submitting my problem I have spent the last several hours trying to isolate the problem — without  much success.


If anything, I am mroe frustrated than ever.


While waiting for a solution, I moved on to another, simpler  project: reducing the  size  of a red and yellow image of a  star I had scanned from a greeting card and printing it .


It looked perfect on my monitor, but printed in brown and yellow  instead of red and yellow.

Here are some of the steps I have taken — none of which worked:


1. Checked to be sure the image was in CMYK mode and  tried printing  with both  the printer  and Photos shop checked for color management,

In both cases,  the red  printed in brown.


2. Tried again using  RGB mode, but got the ssame results.


3. Tried  printing  separations but output  eof each try was a darker and arker shade of green untilit looked almost black.


4. Tried printing a solid block of red, which printed closer to gold than brown (still with yellow as the second color).

Made me realize the background of the original card also was gold, so eliminated the background from the original scan and pasted the resulting image onto a white background.

Result: instead of brown, tose segments of the star now print in green (but still not red).


5. Kept looking online for  other solutions and eventually realzied that the problem might be related to "rendering intent" (which was set for "relative colormetric" so changed that to "perceptual." 


Output looked a little sharper, but it's still printing in yellow and green.


While I  probably could  replicate the graphic (more or less)  . . . might have  a minor problem where the colors (which are transparent) overlap . . . I really would prefer to learn something from this experience. I'm just not sure what else I can t ry next. 


Any suggestions?

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Re: New problem with color coordination

PS: Forgot to mention that my printer model is phaser 8560.
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New problem with color coordination

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I've encountered major problems with color matching over the years— even on my previous Phaser Printer. I'm sure that to some degree it's related to the fact that I bought my original phaser for my home based mar/com business, but never was able to match the recommended page/month output. As a result, the color cubes someetimes seemed to "dry out"  and  at one point, tech support advised purging all the ink and starting over.


When similar problems started to occur after  trading  that unit in for a new one ( (2-3 years ago)), I conidered the possibility that the problem might be due to calibration, but soon realized  it was almost impossible to calibrate the specs for the printer, software and original image at the same time — so instead have just tried to set my production goals judiciously and done my best.


Since  the purchase of my  current Phaser I have terminated my business, so use my printer even less often than before — mainly for personal graphic projects (using Photoshop CS6) . . . and still battling problems with calibration.But in the past few weeks, a more difficult  problem has surfaced:


Suddenly any black/white  images I print have started to pick up hints of gree — a problem that seems to be worsening by the day. e.g., Yesterday a large black/white image I had scanned  looked fine online, but printed with notieable areas of green in the background. Today, I just started to print a  4"x4" photo and the printed image  is definitely green.


All four color "chutes" are approximately 50% full.  (And yes, that's intentional because past performance suggests iany additional cubes will  just dry out before they gets used). The only other parts of  the printer I can inspect  are the  waste tray and maintenance kit.


In the past, the waste tray typically filled up fairly quickly (probably because I've always kept it running 24/7); but  today I only see a few spatters of dried  ink. 


I also replaced the maintenance  kit 4-5 months ago. At first glance, it looked spotless, but on closer isnpection, it did seem to have a  very pale green shadow overall — and a slightly darker thread of  green around the  far end of the roller). 


Similarly, the plastic strip  next to the roller looked clean except for a VERY thin  thread of green ink along the top edge.


I'm stumped and for now, unable to finish my project, so would aprpeciate any suggestions out there.





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