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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: No Connectivity - 7232

Hi delalex,

Focusing on your comment that even using USB you are not able to print, I have to let you know that USB printing is not default on this model. There is a USB port on the device but is for service usage. Nevertheless,  if previously you were able to print via USB, means you have the USB printing Kit install, and than please ignore my pharagraph.


You mentioned below the word wireless. This should be clear in order to understand which of the scenarios below are real:

1- Xerox printer 7232 is equiped with a XEROX wireless adapter and connected wireless to the router

2- Xerox printer 7232 is connected using a cable to the router. Than computer are connected to this router wireless.


In regards to networking, there are several scenarios that can be happening. Assuming point 2 above is true. (its the most straight forward), First thing we need to know is if your printer is setup STATIC or on DHCP. Print a configuration report and take note of the IP address. Make sure that network mask and default gateway are configured correctly to match your router settings. Afterwards if the IP on the configuration page is not in use by anythign else on the network, attempt a ping to that IP address, if sucessfully, you should be able to connect to your printer via webbrowser (CWIS).


If manage to get this far, and still printing is not working I would check the print driver ports, and make sure the ip address that you made a note before is the one in use for the print port. If this is true, than you should be able to print a test page.


Hope this helps.

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No Connectivity - 7232

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We have a Workcentre 7232/7242 that was working perfectly until our wireless router went down at the weekend. We've switched out the wireless router but now the printer is not working.

There is absolutely no connectivity to the printer. Any ideas on what I should do. I can't even get the printer to work when I connect it via usb etc.


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