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Re: No Secure print in Printing Preferences

Thanks, that helped

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Re: No Secure print in Printing Preferences


Bi-directional communication is a vital feature of the GPD driver.  It informs the driver what features the printer has.  The picture you are sharing shows that driver is not picking up the information from the printer so it is defaulting to basic settings color/b&w. 

If Bi-Directional is blocked you can manually configure the driver as well. Also check that the port is a Standard TCP/IP port and not a WSD port.


I hope this helps.

No Secure print in Printing Preferences

Product Name: AltaLink B8145 / B8155 / B8170 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

pic1.pngHi everyone! Please assist with the following question. I've got 2 AltaLink B8155. Both of them have Xerox GPD PCL6 V5.759.5.0 (x64) drivers. However, one doesn't have a Secure print in the Job Type dropdown. It looks to me that all settings are the same.

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