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Novell iPrint//WorkCentre 4250|5735|5655|5632|7545 PROBLEM

Older Novell iPrint (based on Netware) works fine with WorkCentre printers, but when we upgraded iPrint to OES2 (on SuSE) some (not all, just some) printers  of 4250|5735|5655|5632|7545 models give the following error:


16-563-00 Novell NetWare printing error. User intervention is required to Power Off/On the machine. Print service can continue using other submission methods; other machine services are unaffected.


Frame type set to "Auto"

Reboot, reset and firmware upgrade (where applicable) does not help.


Any ideas?...


Thank you.


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Re: Novell iPrint//WorkCentre 4250|5735|5655|5632|7545 PROBLEM

Hi Krissky,

Did you find an answer to this?  I am having same prob w/ 7525 throwing the same error.



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