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OS 10.10.3 Yosemite won't Print for WorkCentre 7545

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I have 2 WorkCentre 7545 here at work. When I print on 1 WorkCentre it will work fine, but when I print to the other WorkCentre located in the office, it will not print. I keep getting "Invalid accounting ID" I checked to make sure that everything is set up the same like the other machine and it is. All the ID's are fine, only the Mac's on Yosemite that are on 10.10.3 will not print to this 1 WorkCentre. Yet, the same iMacs that are on 10.10.3 will be able to print on the other WorkCentre 7545??? Xerox has not gotten back to me yet, about it. I am still waiting for a Level 3 Tech Support person to contact me. Both WorkCentre has the same software 120.116.00132 Like I said, the iMacs on 10.10.3 are able to print to 1 WorkCentre but yet it will not print to the other WorkCentre. Any help on this will be appreciated, its almost been a week and still waiting on a solution. Thank you!

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: OS 10.10.3 Yosemite won't Print for WorkCentre 7545

10.10 has removed the bi-directional ability to turn XSA on by default automatically.

Try this on the Mac:


Open a web browser and go to “” , Then select “Printers” at the upper right
Then select the printer from the “Queue name” at the left



Change the dropdown box from “Administration” to “Set default options”





Select the “Advanced” link




Scroll down to the Accounting settings and set the defaults, then select “Set defaults” at the bottom of the page

The driver will now have the default set, you should reboot as some apps will hold previous settings until you do.

(With 10.8 - 10.10 the right-side scroll bar may not appear, just click in the white area and hit the down arrow on the keyboard.)





You will need to reboot for this to fully take effect, and until Xerox finds a way to surpass the bi-directional issue introduced with 10.10, probably with a driver that prompts during install to turn it on if you use it, you are not likely to find a better solution.


As for why 1 works and 1 does not I have no idea, possibly someone called Xerox and was guided through or had this done for them via a logmein session. Or the driver had this set on 10.9 and the mac was updated to 10.10 with it installed, but those are just guestimates.



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Joe Arseneau
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