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Re: OSX 10.15 Printer Presets Bug - Forces Paper Feed to Manual Input Tray

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OSX 10.15 Printer Presets Bug - Forces Paper Feed to Manual Input Tray

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Using the latest Xerox driver for my ColorQube 8580DN with two trays, the Manual Feed, (Tray 1 MPT), and Installed Tray, (Tray 2), my OSX 10.15 MBP system won't use Tray 2 unless I explicitly select it. Otherwise it forces all print jobs to use the Manual Feed Tray 1, paper tray.

I believe this started with the introduction of the Printer Presets feature and has persisted through OSX upgrades. The situation began after I had selected the Manual Feed Tray 1 to print an envelope and appears to have been "stuck" ever since.

The "Default" printer preset paper feed is always set to Auto Select, but using it always forces print jobs to the Manual Feed tray. I can only print from the installed Tray 2, when I explicitly select it in the printer dialog. After I explicitly select Tray 2 the "Last" printer preset does show the paper feed used, as Tray 2.

However, the "Current" printer preset always shows the paper feed as the Manual Feed Tray 1. I've tried checking the box for "Reset Presets Menu settings to 'Default Settings' After Printing", and it has no effect. Also, if I explicitly print to Tray 2, and try to save those options as a new printer preset, when I then look at the Paper Feed selection for the newly created preset, it's always Manual Feed Tray 1.

I've tried the OSX printer reset option, then rebooting and reinstalling the driver, deleting the printer and everything in /Library/Printers, emptying the trash, rebooting and then reinstalling the driver, and nothing has worked.

I don't know if this is an issue with the Xerox driver, or the OSX Printer Presets feature. I do notice after installing the Xerox driver it annoyingly has Paper Feed tray selections for 3 trays. One for the Manual Feed Tray 1, One for the Tray 1 MPT, and One for Tray 2.


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