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OSX 10.9 + standard accounting : adobe products do not print

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We have a Colorcube 9302 (snr:3661934262) with standard accounting turned on. When I try to print pdfs from my OSX 10.9 Macs (several machines) using Adobe products (Acrobat XI, iIlustrator CS5) I get the error:


"...job deleted because of invalid accounting codes...."


This is an old issue, we already had on our workcenter 7435 for years. Other users seem to have this issue too. Workarounds like "use print as an image" do not work and we have the latest drivers. Thus I am forced to print the pdfs with "Preview".


Does anybody know a solution for this problem ?



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Re: OSX 10.9 + standard accounting : adobe products do not print



I have seen a few people lately having this problem with the newest 3.43 driver, what they reported working was going back one or two driver versions.

Try installing the older version from the download site instead and see if that works.


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