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Re: Office 2010 Calibri Font Problem

Old post, I know.   Just ran into this problem on XP, Office 2010, GPD 5.303.16.0, and Phaser 8560.


Enabling the truetype font setting: download as softfont resolved the issue.  On our other printers were possible, I've usd the Xerox Font Management Utility to download the Calbri and Cambria into the printer, just in case.



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Re: Office 2010 Calibri Font Problem

maybe 2 other possibilities :


1) install the calibri font also on your server

2) in the xerox printing preferencesd, in the advanced tab there is a truetype font setting : try : download as softfont, that way the application will send the font along with the job...

you can set that option later as default if its working


pls keep us posted... probably more people will have this issue without knowing

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Re: Office 2010 Calibri Font Problem



That's an annoying problem. Hopefully this can help you out.

If you go to:

You can download the CentreWare Printer Drivers Guide

Sec. 4-2 tells how to install the Xerox Font Management Utility

Once you have it installed, the Help menu will explain how to use it.

In a nutshell, this should allow you to add and delete fonts on the printer, so you can replace the one that doesn't work with the one you know that does. 

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Office 2010 Calibri Font Problem

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We have 4 Xerox 5675's here in our school. We are running Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) and all of our clients are Windows XP 32 bit.

We upgraded our PC's from Office 2003 to Office 2010 Pro. The default font in Office 2010 is Calibri. The Xerox printers drop characters with that font. If I change the font to Times New Roman it prints on the Xerox fine.

My HP printers do not have a problem with the Calibri font, just the Xerox. I could tell all of my users to change the default font, but a lot of people send us documents and e-mails that are also in the default font of Calibri, and printing problems ensue. So changing the default font isn't really a solution.

My tech tried upgrading all of the drivers. We tried PS, PCL5, PCL6, and the Global driver. Same results. When the tech connected his PC directly to the Xerox, the problem went away. So, his conclusion was that it is a Microsoft problem with Server 2008.


Any thoughts?

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