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Re: Office 2010 refuses to print edge-to-edge

Hi ozzieoswood,

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  If the Phaser 4400 is printing edge to edge on other documents then it would seem to be an issue with Office 2010 or possibly just Word.  I would suggest that you contact Microsoft or please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Office 2010 refuses to print edge-to-edge

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I have a Phaser 4400DT which work great with my old computers, however I recently updated to windows 7 and office 2010 from XP and 2003. Admittedly I'm new to the new format, but for some reason I cannot get office 2010  to recognize the printers ablity to print to the edges of the paper.
Things I've tried.
  • I have patched office to the latest version. 
  • I downloaded the latest / correct version of the printer driver. 
  • Re-installing the printer and driver.
  • I have enabled edge-to-edge printing on the printer preferences.
  • I tried converting the file to the new formats.
  • I've set the margins to 0.0, turned off any scaling/fit to page options.
  • I can get other programs such as Adobe to print edge-to-edge, just not office.
In the print preview window it clearly shows it has a margin regardless of the settings I set. It seems to print with a .25"(ish) margins on all sides of the document. If I go to view margins window where you can drag the margins it also clearly has a margin even when it says 0.0 in the options next to it.
Is there some default minimum margin option somewhere? or is office ignoring my printers ability to print edge-to-edge? Is there another printer preferences option i'm missing besides the edge-to-edge option?
Thank you.
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