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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: PDF files hang in work centre queue

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Try switching from RAW to LPR, but make sure LPR Byte Counting does not get enabled.



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Joe Arseneau

PDF files hang in work centre queue

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Our 7845 seems to have issues printing PDF files.


A single page PDf may, or may not, go through, or it might get hung in the queue.


A largish PDF file (30+ pages) will often print ~20 pages, the stop with a page halfway to the output tray and a message that the job has been paused.


I believe we're on the latest firmware - - and the machine is less than a year old.


This doesn't happen every time, but more like every other time.


We print a variety of documents during the day, but seem to have the problem mostly with PDF files,, although the odd Word doc stalls like that, too.



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