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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: PDF spooling very slow

I have been told the opposite from several second level support people that PDF docs work better with PCL6.


As a local agency analyst, I have much better luck when installing drivers on 64-bit computers using the PCL6 global driver but with 32-bit computers, the driver for the specific model of Xerox machine seems to work better. 

I find that the customer's network and print queue setup seem to be bigger problems with PDF documents spooling. I have used secure print to have the document go to the printer and then once it has spooled on the machine, go release the secure job to get around how long it takes to spool. If it takes a long time to print once spooled in secure queue, then it is the document; had this problem with CAD drawings and larger files take time.

The original message didn't mention if other types of documents such as Microsoft Office docs had same problem or if they were OK, but when it is one type of document that doesn't work, it can also be the document and/or how the document was created.  

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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: PDF spooling very slow

well, do you have the PS option purchased on those machines?


you are using PCL driver for adobe jobs , its better to use the PS driver


PS = Adobe = pdf :-)


try to install the latest global PS driver

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New Member
New Member

PDF spooling very slow

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We are experiencing major issues when printing PDFs to a number of MFDs, as it takes a significant amount of time for a PDF document to spool. We have a range of models including 72xx, 73xx and 74xx models.


  • The performance issue is with spooling, so the problem is not with the model of MFD
  • All users spool to our Xerox MFD e-queue, which uses the 7435 PCL6 driver
  • The destination MFD/driver is irrelevant at this point, all users print to the 7435 driver
  • The performance affects multiple PDF reader clients, Acrobat and other free readers eg. Foxit
  • Using the print as image option, doesn't improve the performance
  • We've printed the PDFs to the CutePDF Writer driver, effectively re-creating the PDF - the performance issues are the same
  • The problem seems to be affecting all PDFs, to different degrees

It does seem to be an issue within the core driver, and a Xerox analyst has tested many multiple driver versions, including as many model, release and language versions as possible. He also advised that a postscript driver did very little to speed up the spooling.


Does anyone have any ideas how we could resolve this problem? Thanks

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