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Re: PHaser 3205DN - Emulation

I figured this one out without any help from Xerox, they wanted to charge me to tell me how to fix this when actually it is a short coming of the printer working on a network and running windows 7 or above.  The key is you have to be connected via USB and be running windows XP and use the print utiltity that comes with windows XP and Phaser 3250.  In that utility you can then change the emulation to EPSON or whatever you want.  Xerox needs to get their junk together and put a program / interface that will allow changes to the emulateion via the gui interface instead of an out dated print utlity that only works on windows XP, shame on them.



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PHaser 3205DN - Emulation

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Greetings....I have several Phaser 3250dn printers.  They have the ability to emulate epson but I am having a difficult time trying to access that area in the gui interface of the printer.  If you print out the menu map the emulation says auto setup but on another it says epson and I need the new one to be set to epson.  I called xerox support and they told me that it was too complicated for just a regular service call and I would have to buy a contract even though the printer I am calling on was just bought two weeks ago :)  Any help would be appreciated

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