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Hello Pursuit911,

I searched our online knowledgebase and found this article for colored streaks in one color which suggests changing the print cartridge.


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Product Name: Phaser 6180
Operating System: Windows 10

I have a gem on my hands.  I have printed a Config Page and cannot tell apples from oranges when looking at it.  The printer drops a blue hue when printing color pages and has gone through a boat load of blue toner.  When I open the door and lay it down, the Transer Unit has blue lines all across it and as you spin the gear to advance it, its full of blue toner.  I removed the Transfer Unit tray and it proceeds to spew a ton of toner out of the corners.  It literally dumped about a 1/2" of toner into a pile on my shop floor.  Is this normal?  I would presume that it is not and contnued shaking it but stopped after it dumped 1/2" pile.  I took off the feeder roller and cleaned that well and also cleaned the Transfer Unit film which appeared to have cleaned up the printing for the most part.  I printed some very colorful images and they appear to be good.  When I went to print some Repair Orders, I get a VERY light hue on the edge of the paper.  Our logo is also a bit blurry as well.  I tried to adjust the image in settings but apparently I did not get it set correctly, but any insight would be helpful.

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