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JRJoyce New Member
New Member

Page Offset Issues Using PCL5 and PCL6 Drivers With WorkCentre 5632

We've been encountering quirky issues with a number of leased Xerox WorkCentre 5632 units.  Issue is that when using either the PCL5 or PCL6 print drivers in MS Windows XP the page is offset when printed, cutting off the right side of the text, but the document is displayed fine in Print Preview.  I think this issue is more noticeable in some applications than others, but am still researching this.  It definitely clips the right side of the text if I try printing to it from MS Outlook 2007.  However, if I use the PostScript print driver, the document prints fine, at least on the PCs I've tried it on so far.


The above observations occur when the drivers are loaded locally on the computer and the print driver is configured to print to the printers IP address.  If we print through one of the network printservers to this printer, the PCL drivers work fine.  However, it appears that these drivers were never updated from the previous leased printers, so they are actually the PCL drivers for a Xerox WorkCentre 238.  They don't support all of the printer functionality, but the document does print properly on the page.


Has anyone else encountered this behavior with the WorkCentre 5632 PCL5 and PCL6 drivers for Windows XP?  Is there some configuration setting on the printer that we're missing?  Any feedback regarding this issue, and particularly how to fix it, would be appreciated.


I will update this post as I get a chance to test the printers with other applications and see if that has any impact on their behavior.





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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Page Offset Issues Using PCL5 and PCL6 Drivers With WorkCentre 5632

yes; have seen this before and i my case it was fixed with installing the new global driver



xerox release a new one some weeks ago, have you tried those?

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screenprinting New Member
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Re: Page Offset Issues Using PCL5 and PCL6 Drivers With WorkCentre 5632

What's the difference from PCL5 and PCL6

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Technical Escalation User RuiC-Xerox
Technical Escalation User

Re: Page Offset Issues Using PCL5 and PCL6 Drivers With WorkCentre 5632

PCL5 > less capable language. Unstructured. Simpler to compose and understand. Normally interpreted as data arrives to the printer

PCL6 > New model of PDL. Independent of PCL5. More capable language with extended set of features. Module structured. Harder to compose and understand. Normally first compiled by the print driver before sent to the printer.

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