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Re: Paper Jam

hello, here is a tip , but i think you need to make a service call for it :


Fault Codes:   077-103, 77-103  Chains:   10 
Machine is indicating a Fuser Exit Jam, but the 077-103 RAP fails to resolve the problem.Cause:
The Horizontal Transport is not coming on and fails to carry the paper away from the Fuser area. If you open the horizontal Transport, cheat its interlock (see BSD 12.2, location G 5 for interlock location), and run the Machine you can verify the Horizontal Transport Operation.

Plug 8390 at the Finisher PWB was not properly seated. Reseating the Connector resolved the problem.

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Paper Jam

Product Name: Other - specify product in post


I have a wc5225A which has paper jam often. The error report shown the folliwng:

077-103 fuser exit sensor Off Jam

Sometime 077-109

I have changed the type of papar i am using but this does not solve the problem.

Can anyone help?





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