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Re: Pdf printing and controlling input trays

Have you managed to do it ? If so, could you share ? I want to do quite the same, but completely blocked.
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Pdf printing and controlling input trays

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Dear Xerox,


Suppose I have:


- direct pdf printing capable Workcenter 7346 and Phaser 7760 devices in my "printing enviroment";

- pdf (version 1.3) files;

- sufficient, I believe, information regarding the pages of said pdf files, like print mode (duplex, simplex, no print mode change) and input trays/media types the pages need to be printed on;

- ability to programmatically manipulate the print jobs sent to the devices.


How should I go about "assembling" print jobs so that the pdfs get printed on correct media, using correct print mode..? PDL commands, preppending XPIF job tickets, anything else..? How do I even come to the information about what all is possible using PDL or XPIF (or anything else devices might support)?


No, I'm not willing to consider anything your industry calls "printing workflow" solutions or evaluate any additional software - I want to build my own tiny-mini "solution" for this :)


Yes, I would register for Xerox Developer Program, if need be, if that would enable me access technical documentation about using PDL, XPIF, etc. when printing pdfs directly - of which I'm not sure at all, having looked at the basic information available at


No, I don't want to relay on the advice and services of your very capable and helpful local support this time :)


I appologize if this is not the right place for this kind of questions.


Thank you and best regards,

Janis B.

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