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Persistent Light Stripes - Phaser 8560N

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Hi.  I'm having issues with persistent light stripes when printing in black with my Phaser 8560N (see photos in my gallery/below).  I've tried the basic cleaning several times, I've cleaned out the ink waste, and I've wiped down the maintenance kit blade but saw no change.  The light stripes test shows that 50 smears a bit, but substituting that jet had no effect.  There were a few other jets that look misaligned or slightly faint on the test sheet, but going through and substituting each one at a time had no effect on the light stripes.  Is there anything else I can do to fix this problem?  Thanks


Problem:                                                    Light Stripe Test:

light stripe problem.jpglight stripe test.jpg

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Re: Persistent Light Stripes - Phaser 8560N



I would suggest you follow THESE steps.

And do the advanced cleaning instead of basic.



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Re: Persistent Light Stripes - Phaser 8560N

Thanks for your reply. 


I've followed those steps and tried the advanced cleaning on all the jets I suspect might be weak; most of them give massive white gaps in the pages that printed during the cleaning process (see photo).  Do these gaps mean that the jet has truely failed even if it doesn't look so bad on the basic cleaning page?


So far I haven't seen any improvement in the print quality.  I think I might have a series of jets that are failing, which could be why substituting out the worst ones is having no effect.  Is there a way to replace the whole set of jets?


Advanced Cleaning Example:

advanced cleaning.jpg

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