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Phaer 8850 error code 36,002.46:119281

Hi there,


Came in this morning sent a two page document to my Phaser 8860, one page printed out with two blanks that appeared to have fuser oil on them and there was a message with this error code 36,002.46:119281.  I did what every good techie does - reboot! Alas, no such luck. Google was no help with this particular error code either. 


What does this code mean? Thanks!



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Re: Phaer 8850 error code 36,002.46:119281

Drum Maintenance Kit fault

It's the unit in the little door on the right side. Possibly needs to be replaced, possibly just dirty, try wiping the plastic blade with a soft, no lint, cloth and put it back in.


I couldn't find the code anywhere either, even internally, but a co-worker did.


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Joe Arseneau
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