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Reiner New Member
New Member

Phase 6300 printing gray pages

When I print using my Phase 6300 I get gray streaks through out the whole paper.  It prints the text, but the page turns gray.  How do I fix this please.  I installed a new black ink cartridge too.

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Xerox Employee BrentG-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: Phase 6300 printing gray pages


  Welcome to the new Xerox User Communities.   I see that your post has not received a response todate.  The User Community is very young and we are actively working to grow the community. Another online resource we have available is our knowledgebases


Brent Greer
Xerox Forums Administrator
Xerox Employee BenjaminG-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: Phase 6300 printing gray pages

Hi Reiner,


Is there a border around the grey area, or is it edge to edge?


If it's edge to edge with no margin visible, and only seems to be happening in one color (black), the most likely cause would be either dirty Imaging Unit contacts, or a bad Imaging Unit.


I would start by cleaning the silver contacts on the left side where the Imaging Unit slides in as well as the corresponding contacts on the Imaging Unit it's self. If you're still having an issue after that, I would recommend replacing the Imaging Unit.


Hope that helps!

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Gary-BTP New Member
New Member

Re: Phase 6300 printing gray pages

Another factor is whether Xerox OEM toner is being used.  My experience has been that non-Xerox toner doesn't mix well with the developer in the Image Unit and will cause a gray background (or other colors, depending on which is used the most).

If non-Xerox toner was used, the toner despense system needs vacuumed out and the Image unit will need replaced.

It could also be the Transfer roll has become contaminated and may need replaced.

Hope this helps !