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Re: Phaser 3020 do not print from win10 viewer in explorer


I recently bought a printer Phaser 3020. I have several problems

1. model cannot be selected 

2. when selecting the language and country, the window turns red, registration cannot be performed

3. application installation in MacBook Air (13  ", Early 2015)  is disabled because it is not supported -

before installation it is written out:

 The developer needs to update this app to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information.

Thank you for your help.





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Re: Phaser 3020 do not print from win10 viewer in explorer

It sounds like you may be affected by printing issues that were caused by recent Windows updates. Some manufacturers have had much worse issues than what has been reported with Xerox printers. I have only heard of these photo printing errors on Xerox devices thus far. There are updates for the updates that caused the problems though. The link below might be useful for you.

Link: Windows-10-kb5001649-emergency-update 

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Re: Phaser 3020 do not print from win10 viewer in explorer

Hello Piotr,

For print issues with PDF, you may need to print as image to successfully print.

Here are the steps to print on custom paper sizes:


  1. Select Print in your application.
  2. From the Printer: Name drop-down menu, select your machine.
  3. Select Properties or Preferences.
  4. Select the Paper tab.
  5. Select OK to confirm your selections.
  6. Select OK to print your document.

Use the Paper tab options to set the basic paper handling specifications when you access the printer properties

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Phaser 3020 do not print from win10 viewer in explorer

Product Name: Phaser 3020
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi, I have checked all subjects for 3020 and no one had this problem Phaser 3020 do not print from win10 viewer in explorer, when I tick pictures I am chosing print 10x25 or fit in page and Phaser printing only partial of the graphics not all. I think it is some kind of error . From Adobe , Photoshop and other aplications prints good, only from in build win10 explorer graphics viewer has problem. Any solutions?

Other I can't understand why in registration form it is not possible to chose model 3020?

Why I have difrent serial no at label ID sticker and difrent when I printing specification page using button?



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