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Re: Phaser 3020 won't print after 15-20 minutes standby.

After a few days please do let the rest of us know if your issue is completely fixed, BTW are you using Apple or PC, with android or iPhone for your printing to your Xerox?

Re: Phaser 3020 won't print after 15-20 minutes standby.

1 printer 3 icons 1 is USB.jpg


As can be seen in my image; I have three 6020 printer icons for the one printer and one is for a USB which is now also connected, so even if the Wi-Fi and its associated ip configurations is incorrect surly the USB option would fire up this printer?

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aleeen New Member
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Re: Phaser 3020 won't print after 15-20 minutes standby.

for me, i can confirm - it's working properly!

Re: Phaser 3020 won't print after 15-20 minutes standby.

My issue is now partially resolved.


After receiving a replacement printer from Xerox but still finding I had the same issue, I have followed all the advice given in this thread: installed latest firmware, also Locked its ip address in my router, still with no reprieve. So I went on to D/L Widows 10 latest installation package and drivers from Xerox’s site and installed them but leaving the old installation from the printers CD intact, I now have six printer drive icons to choose from when clicking to print from my Windows 10 PC, I also (opposed to the directive during installation) left the USB cable connected from my PC to the Phaser.


Now for the last week my Phaser is permanently accessible to print via my PC and other PC’s connected to the router (LAN) without any problem . . . also I could print using its Wi-Fi connections i.e. iPhone, android phones, . . that is until yesterday when suddenly nothing using Wi-Fi could connect, however the PC’s could wake the Phaser and print (presumably because I have left the USB cable connected) but even when woken none of the phones could connect via Wi-Fi. This likely occurred at the same time as my BT infinity2 internet after a week decided to change my ip address for me, as BT issues me with a dynamic ip address as opposed to a Static IP address. However after a power down, reboot and recycle of my Phaser I could then print again via Wi-Fi?


I will now study this phenomenon with my Phaser and also look to see if there are any threads covering this aspect, if there are none then it’s probably better if I start a separate discussion relating to my dynamic ip address problem?

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