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Phaser 3250 Both Trays Report as Letter

Hi, I am IT support for county government, and our Tax Collector department has several Phaser 3250 printers on our network. They have been complaining about the single-sheet manual feed slot being the only way to print tax bills on Legal sized paper, and having to feed one page at a time. We decided to purchase additional Trays for these printers, figuring we could have their Letter sized paper in one and Legal sized in the 2nd tray for tax bills.


After installing the trays, I can find no way to define the size of paper for the 2nd tray (or the 1st for that matter), when you go to the web interface for the printer, it reports both trays are letter sized. If I define the default printer settings (under paper) to use Tray 2 and tell it that it is Legal, it still prints from Tray 1 on a letter page. If I put the legal paper in Tray 1 and the Letter in Tray 2, it prints all jobs regardless of page size to the Legal paper (tray 1).


Am I to understand that there is no function for printing to different trays based on the size of the print job? Is there even a way to make the printer know that one of the trays is Legal sized? (no matter what, both trays report as Letter on the status page)


The tax collector employees are wanting to send the new extra trays back and also replace these printers with another brand, which we will be forced to do, unless I am missing something.

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Re: Phaser 3250 Both Trays Report as Letter

Hi dvulyak,

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You may find the following instructions for different paper size setups, helpful as a solution for your question.

Solution : Load Paper or Specialty Media in the Paper Tray


If that does not help then you may consider using the following link Fast Track to the Expert

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Re: Phaser 3250 Both Trays Report as Letter

I know how to put the paper in the paper tray..


I've read some similar posts to mine on this forum and have realized that this printer has no way to detect what tray to use based on the print job being submitted, and that for every job you will have to manually tell it what tray to print to if you want it on legal vs letter or vice-versa. The client is constantly printing different sized jobs all day long and does not wish to do this, especially since the property tax software does not even have a provision for choosing printer settings when you print. We will have to find a different printing solution that can actually auto-select paper source based on size. Thanks anyways.

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