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Re: Phaser 3250 "Printer offline"

... also tried to return SNMP status to Enabled again. Now I can't...




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Re: Phaser 3250 "Printer offline"

Ok thanks Joe. I disabled SNMP, tried a test

Now getting a Status: Error     with no description of what, why, where....




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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 3250 "Printer offline"

You have a conflict of some sort in SNMP, just disable it on the port and you should be able to print fine.



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Joe Arseneau
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Phaser 3250 "Printer offline"

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The networked Phaser 3250 I use at my office suddenly stopped working correctly


The Phaser 3250 dialog box under Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers says Printer:Offline, so I
assume thats why. I'm unable to bring it back online.


Then for reasons unknown, after sitting in the print queue many hours - or overnight - suddenly the docs resume printing.


I can print a Configuration page, but it also stays in the queue for hours.


In "See what's printing" / Phaser 3250 dialog box / Printer menu - default "Use printer online" is active


Troubleshooting efforts included
- choose Restart from Phaser 3250 dialog box.
- turned power switch off and on
- unplugged, replugged power cord
- disconnected, reconnected ethernet cable
- downloaded from the Phaser 3250 Firmware Update - Network Upgrade (P3250_v1.70.02.48_Network), but
Windows Pro 7 can't open the file inside it: bP3250_1700248.fls


It's a networked printer and I believe I'm accessing it via ethernet cable as well as my internet, which works fine. We also have wifi.


Nothing has changed in hardware or software setup and the printer is in an unused office so unlikely that it was jostled or


I can print to other network printers, even the other Phaser 3250 in our main bldg across the parking lot.


I can't print to it with Mac or PC.


What gives. Suggestions?

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