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Re: Phaser 3260 won't print unless I reboot printer (Windows 10)

I found a problem with the IP settings, so maybe it's ok now...

The gateway IP address was set to the same IP as the printer. I don't know how it worked before with the same settings though.

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Phaser 3260 won't print unless I reboot printer (Windows 10)

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It seems that my Phaser 3260 will not print once it goes into sleep mode, until I shut the printer off and turn it back on.

It just gives me an error that the printer is in an "error state."


Also, I can only occasionally print from my iPhone using air printing. Maybe the same issue? My iphone can't find the printer when it's in sleep mode?


Lastly, on my list of printers in the Easy Print Manager, the network printer is greyed out, both on the machine it's connected to via USB, and on another Windows 10 computer on the network. I did get it to print to the network printer once when I manually set the printer IP to a static IP instead of using DHCP to assign a reserved IP address. I was able to set this as the default printer on both machines, and print to it from my iphone. Now in windows it says the driver isn't available for that printer.


Right now all three printers listed in Easy Print Manager on the networked PC are greyed out. First one is the IPV4 network printer, second is the IPV6 network printer, the third says the printer connected to USB. I originally had it connected to this computer because it's my network file server that is always on. While troubleshooting the same issue, I connected it to my main computer instead hoping that would solve the issue. Of course it seemed to work fine after that, at least that day. I don't know if it goes into an extended sleep mode if I don't use it in a long time???

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