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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 3300 MFP will not print. Displaying "Internal Error" message

Sorry, I don't think you are likely to get an answer.

I even looked in the Service manual and internal Xerox knowledge bases, that fault does not seem to exist for any machine, I even tried slight variations.


You could try updating the firmware.

It may clear up the issue, but I'd be a bit nervous doing so because if it drops the LAN or fails mid upgrade it could end up in even worse shape.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

Phaser 3300 MFP will not print. Displaying "Internal Error" message

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Sometimes our Phaser 3300 MFP will not print. it is displaying the following error message:


Internal Error

Power off/on

40afc830 3T 915



When I power off and then back on, the printer seems to come up OK: System initialization...Warming up...Ready to Copy.

Then, I see the word "printing" although I haven't give it anything to print. And, nothing comes out

then, I get the error message shown above.


Prior to the error message, I can ping the printer from my workstation. Howeve, after the error message appears, pinging produces no response.


If, when the "printing" message appears, i hit the Stop/Clear button, the printer then seems to work OK. But, i don't know if this is a permanent fix.


I have searched the Xerox support site for 40afc830, but there is no documentation for that.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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