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Re: Phaser 3330 Repeatedly Cycles Power

Looks like faulty Main PWB. I had similar problem. but first try different power cord etc... Does it cycle with opened front doors ? {LAN cable unplugged}.

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Phaser 3330 Repeatedly Cycles Power

Product Name: Phaser 3330
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

In setting up a new Phaser 3330, the printer will incessantly cycle power. Specifically, the printer will initialize, warm up, go to "Ready to Print," and display the WiFi network that it's connected to. After about 90 seconds, the power clicks off, and it goes through the same cycle. (It was printing the Configuration Report each time until we - after about 85 cycles - figured out how to disable the Configuration Report.) 

We've tried unplugging the network cable (we originally set up as a WiFi printer with no LAN cable), unplugging power, trying new outlets (and confirmed those outlets are giving power to other types of devices), etc.  We can't seem to figure out what to do.  (Again, this is a new printer newly installed on a network.)  -- My sense is that the problem began when we plugged the printer into the Netgear Router (though I'm not certain of the correlation between plugging in and this issue beginning), though unplugging  from the router has done nothing to fix the issue.  

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?  Please help!

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