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Re: Phaser 6000 Error LED is flashing

Hi CherylO-Xerox,


I tried the solution "Clean the CTD Sensors by wiping inside the access holes with a clean, dry cotton swab." many times with no success.


What I don't understand is that there is only one sensor on the left but no on the right side.



On page 3-95:

Disconnect P/J14 on the MCU Board.

Is the voltage across ground at P/J14-1 and P/J14-9 on the MCU Board +5 VDC?


I measured it and it is +4,92 VDC. Is this OK?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards

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Re: Phaser 6000 Error LED is flashing

Hi blueice_haller,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for the error code 092-651.  If the problem continues please contact the support centre to request a technician. 

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Re: Phaser 6000 Error LED is flashing

Now I installed on a PC with Windows 7 the Software "Printing Scout".


In tab Status the following is displayed:

Printer status: Printer error 092-651-0x020800000

Error solution: Switch off the printer and switch it on.

Contact Customer support if the error is appearing again.


In tab Consumables all 4 show green checkmarks and OK.


Then I compared the installed version and updated it to version 1.62.

• Version 1.62.0
• Date 13. Sep 2012
• Size 1,8 MB

This firmware release addresses the following issues:
• improved the wording for some error messages
• corrected an issue that resulted in "116-343 ASIC Fail" error
• translation improvements
• improved sensitivity for fuser adjustments made in the Printer Settings Utility
• fixed a problem where the machine may generate an error when powered on for the first time


Then I was able to print some pages but black doesn't print.

So I switched back to a previous toner but now the Error LED is flashing, again.



Thank you in advance.

Best regards

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Phaser 6000 Error LED is flashing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
on my Phaser 6000 Error LED is flashing.
The manufacturing date on the label is july 2011.

In the Service Manual I read on page 155 - 3-18 Phaser 6000B Errors:
• Indicates an error that needs your attention.
• When flashing, the printer has a critical error that
can only be corrected by restarting the printer or
by calling for service.
• When illuminated and a CMYK Toner is
illuminated, the toner should be reset.
• When illuminated and a CMYK Toner is flashing,
the toner should be replaced.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
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