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Phaser 6000b does not load paper

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We just bought a Phaser 6000b. Whatever paper type we try specify in the printer dialog, it refuses to load many types of paper.


Plain light paper is OK

Paper types to 200g/m seem to be mostly OK

Paper types above 220g/m systematically don't get loaded. They are taken, and then it's like the rollers try to take it in but the paper jumps back out. This is regardless of how much paper is loaded in the tray.


I read that there's supposed to be a "manual feed slot", but I could not locate it.

I tried to find if this printer has any paper weight/type limitations, all I could find is that this printer, and I quote:


The standard paper tray supports a wide range of custom media and sizes, from labels to card-stock to envelopes. A convenient manual feed slot lets you feed single-sheet media and envelopes without opening and loading the paper tray.


So I am right in assuming this printer should be able to handle 220g/m paper and above? I mean, there is no limitation in the manual or commercial info. It seems logical this printer should be able to handle 220g/m since this printer can handle to print envelopes.


So, how do I get this printer to print 220g/m and more?


By the way, I'm on MacOsX 10.6.8 all updates performed, the printer has firmware v1.50.0, boot version 2010090711101, engine version 02.14.00, and in total it printed 20 pages so far. I hope It isn't broken yet!

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