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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 6125 crash

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They don't document how to fix a printer that was dropped.

There is 0% chance the toner stayed where it should have, so there will be toner inside where it shouldn't have any.

Any number of gears may have slipped.

Any number of plastic guides and rollers and stoppers may have broken.

Your only hope is to find a Service manual and tear down the machine completely to find what broke and to clean up the toner spilled internally.

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Joe Arseneau
New Member
New Member

Phaser 6125 crash

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My good old faithfull 6125 fell on the floor !

Looks ok. but has a problem afterwords:

Diagnostics ok, all well, green is lit.

But choosing print via the menu, the amber is lit.

Err mess:  problem with tray, open front cover. (translated from danish).

Have open/removed all I can get at, no paper inside whatsover.

Tray seems a bit tight, but it can be pushed all the way in without problem,.

Any tip as to save this fine printer ?











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