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Re: Phaser 6130 not responding

Hi ma1975.

Thank you for using the forum.

We have a few suggestions but we would recommend you contact Support to also discuss further because these steps identified below may not completely resolve your issue.  1-800-835-6100


The main issue appears to be that you're using the LPT1 port to install the printer to, when using USB. LPT1 is an old type of port not used by any of our printers anymore, including the 6130. Look for a port labeled “USB001, USB002, or USB003” and use that port instead. If there are multiple USB ports use the one that correlates to the printer’s USB connection.  You may need to test each one to find which represents the printer by selecting the port, then sending a print job. Only one of the listed ports will represent the printer.


If none of those ports appear on the list then that means the printer is not being physically detected by your OS. This can happen for a variety of reasons, both hardware and software. We recommend contacting support for a more full list of reasons and things to check, but a few basics would be to check the cable length, type, and quality. Make sure that the cable is connected directly to the computer (most printers will not work with USB hubs or even laptop docks), and make sure the cable is less than 16 feet in length (which is the outer limit of POUSB).


The traditional method of setting a printer like this up would be to connect it to your network by using an Ethernet cable and plugging it into your router/switch. If you go that route, it would be substantially easier to set up and connect.


I hope this helps.




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Phaser 6130 not responding

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I'm on Win7 and my phaser 6130 is no longer responding, literally from one day to the next.

I've removed it as a printer device, reinstalled via usb as lpt1 and also via network. It installs fine, but then the test page just never prints. The printer simply goes into standby/sleep mode


After some time it shows an exclamation mark instead of a tick and the troubleshooter cannot resolve it. Troubleshooter confirms that it is not the usual stuff, like out of paper, no power, no toner etc. it resets the spooler as well, clears out the print queue and then jsut gives up stating that it cannot resolve the issue.

When networked I cannot get via IP address a response as the connection times out. Printer is set to fixed IP address. Lights are flashing at the network port.

Same problem when using the usb/lpt1 port. It is interesting that as soon as I connect the USB plug, windows recognises the presence of the printer and identifies it correctly (plug & play).

Using the menu buttons on the printer I can print the menu map and a demo page etc. so it works physically, clearly some software issue and not hardware.

I've disconnected the power lead, had the cartridges out, open & shut every cover etc.


Now I'm simply out of ideas and I'm stuck! 

I think somehow the print file doesn't seem to reach the printer, but I don't know why hence this post.

Any ideas anyone? THANKS!

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