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Phaser6180user New Member
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Phaser 6180 smudging problems

My wife runs a small business that prints out user manuals for her clients. I decided on the Phaser 6180 when they originally came out and now have 4 of them. I have 2 fully functional 6180s that have duplexing and extra memory, etc and 2 used for spare parts.


She prints manuals that use screen shots and can be quite graphics intensive at times. Each manual is approximately 300 pages double sided.


Recently, both printers have been smudging parts of the pages while printing two sided. If we print the same stuff on one side only, no smudging. Even though both printers have very different # of pages on them, they both have the same problem. Also, we occasionally get small black spots or specks on the pages too.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Phaser6180user New Member
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Re: Phaser 6180 smudging problems

Just an update to my problem. If I print a doc single sided it comes out perfect. Same doc double sided, it drops out colour on a thick line or picture and it seems to transfer to other pages,etc. If I was printing a 1/2" red line across the page it would have bare spots where the ink hasn't set properly or is being rubbed off. I have checked the exit rollers and don't see any toner on them so I can't tell where the problem is. The exit roller is the probable cause since the paper goes out and back in and then out again when duplexing.


Any ideas at all?

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