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Phaser 6180N problems in color & correct drivers

Operating System: Windows 10 x64

problems getting to print in color at first now cannot get correct drivers

Several months ago I got 1 Windows 10 laptop and 2 Windows 7 laptops to work corectly! Today I cannot get 2 newly upgraded laptops with Windows 10 64 bit to install the Phaser 6180N correctly - I can get the Microsoft PL6 driver and it works but only in B&W on BOTH laptops same thing. So I removed device and looked for another driver and cannt find the one that works...the Global one did not...or the PL6 v3 I believe it is called - did not work either.

So I am either doing it wrong or different that the Windows 10 laptop I successfully installed the Phaser 6180N on several months ago and works great!

A bit frustrated...also cannot remember if I installed TCIP or just had the right driver. The ONE that works shows a 6180\6189 Class driver...the 2 that I cannot get to work show Microsoft PL6 driver or some other there any help with this unit as to what I need to do?

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Re: Phaser 6180N problems in color & correct drivers

Install this driver


Select Add a printer then Select The printer that I want isn’t listed
then Select ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ 

**Ensure that the ‘Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use’ checkbox is not


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